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View internet content on infinite, scrollable pages

Although it sounds a bit ridiculous, clicking "next" at the bottom of a website can be a pain, especially when you are scanning a large amount of content for a particular piece of information. Luckily, an add-on has been developed specifically to help us with this problem - AutoPager.

AutoPager is a useful tool that automatically loads website pages, turning what would be a series of shorter pages into one long, scrollable list. It shows you where the page originally ended, and at every page break provides you with small tools to go up/down a page or directly to the top/bottom of the content.

AutoPager comes already configured for a wide variety of popular sites, including Lifehacker, the New York Times, Digg, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Wikipedia, Ebay, Twitter and Google. The great thing about AutoPager, however, is that it can be configured to work with new sites by creating specific rules. If it detects a site that it is configured for but you haven't yet visited, it will let you know and ask if you want AutoPager to be turned on for that particular instance.

Unusually for an add-on, AutoPager has a lot of options. In fact, they are a little bit confusing and you are almost certainly going to need the online tutorials for things such as adding new rules and changing existing ones. Some of these tutorials are clearer than others, but if you pay attention, you should be able to achieve what you want. All in all, AutoPager is a really handy tool. There are times where you mightn't want content loading automatically - mainly for safety reasons - but when you are browsing trusted sites, it makes research and skimming content a great deal easier.

AutoPager is a great add-on that makes everyday internet activity much more efficient.

Fix a memory leak for AutoPager for Firefox Fix an issue when handling Link XPath if it return the url directly


  • Fix a memory leak for AutoPager for Firefox Fix an issue when handling Link XPath if it return the url directly


  • Can create your own rules for websites
  • Comes pre-programed with plenty of well-known sites


  • Complicated configuration options


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